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                       (46") FULL SIZE FLY TYING DESK WITH (11) DRAWERS
                     with optional barrister bookcase and drop-leaf extensions

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          These pictures show The Shenandoah Traditional Full-Size Tying Desk with The Dickinson Single
       Barrister Book Case on top. On the left, we have included The Ben Franklin Desk Chair and on the right, 
                   we have added the Dual Drop-Leaf Extensions with The Somerset Clamp-Vise Station. 
                 All built in Solid Cherry finished in Dark Cherry and a Hand-Rubbed Linseed Oil finish.
                                      Page down to view additional pictures of these collections 

            Hand-Made Solid Cherry or Red Oak 

    Inside Dim:24-1/4"(L)x 23-3/4"(W)x 2-3/4"(DP)                *  DOVE-TAIL  DRAWER  CONSTRUCTION
*  (4) SMALL TOP DRAWERS                                              *  SPOOL  STATION  (27  POSITION)   
    Inside Dim: 8-1/4"(L) x 4-3/4"(W) x 2-3/4"(DP)                 *  TOOL  STATION  (50  POSITION) 
*  (2) MEDIUM TOP DRAWERS                                          *  DUBBING, BEAD and ENTOMOLOGY   
    Inside Dim: 8-1/4"(L) x 11-3/8"(W) x 2-3/4"(DP)                   STATIONS-(12) Positions 
*  (4) LARGE TOP CENTER DRAWERS                                12 Glass Bottles with Cork Tops for use 
    Inside Dim: 8-1/4"(L) x 15-7/8"(W) x 2-3/4"(DP)                   with Entomology (Insect Study), Dubbing 
*  INCLUDES A LEATHER COASTER                                   and/or Bead applications
*  ACCOMMODATES "BASE" & "C" Clamp Vises          *  LEFT & RIGHT Hand Models 
*  (4) PIGEON HOLES; 9-1/2"(L) x 6"(W) x 9"(H)                 *  NAMED, DATED AND SERIAL NUMBERED 
*  Leg Glides for Height Adjustment                                    *  OVERALL SIZE:46"(L) x  30"(W) x 49"(H)     

          Price For Cherry and Red Oak   :  $ 3899.99
Price For Felt Lined Drawer Bottoms add: $ 250.00
Price For Drop-Leaf Extensions add: $ 500.00
Price For Leather Lined Drawer Bottoms add: $ 400.00
Price For Spanish Cedar Lined Drawer Bottoms add: $ 450.00
Price For The Dickinson Single Barrister Book Case add: $ 1299.99
Desk Protectors available in Clear, Smoked or White

shen-ch-29.JPG (101074 bytes)    shenandoah-11-101.JPG (74918 bytes)
                                              Large center drawers with full extension

          shen-ch-30.JPG (112381 bytes)         shenandoah-11-102.JPG (115122 bytes)
                                The pictures on the left show                                   The pictures on the right show 
                 The Shenandoah Traditional Tying Desk                   The Shenandoah Traditional Tying Desk in 
                                         in Solid Cherry                                             Solid Cherry with Maple Drawer fronts.
                           with our Virginian Cherry Stain                        The finish is a Hand-Rubbed Linseed Oil Finish.

  shen-ch-26.JPG (106904 bytes)    shenandoah-11-103.JPG (96504 bytes)
                       Tool, Spool and Dubbing Stations are included with every Full-Size Tying Desk

shen-ch-33.JPG (126853 bytes)    shen-ch-11.JPG (97655 bytes)
Tool Stations included                                                            Optional felt lined drawers

         shen-ch-41.JPG (82310 bytes)     shen-ch-4.JPG (119519 bytes)
                              Large work surface of 44"                                      The Shenandoah stands 49"

     shen-ch-5.JPG (112807 bytes)      shen-ch-25.JPG (104536 bytes)

                 shen-ch-12.JPG (127003 bytes)         shen-ch-45.JPG (113411 bytes)

The Collections

     shen-dickinson-5.jpg (282953 bytes)     shen-dickinson-1.jpg (285106 bytes)
                                                 A beautiful "Retirement Gift" Collection, 
                               custom made for a President of a local Aluminum Company.

shen-dickinson-7.jpg (377243 bytes)     shen-dickinson-3.jpg (385345 bytes)
                             This Shenandoah was custom made with the side trash receptacle, 
                                          2 secret compartments with doors and topped off with 
                                                     The Dickinson Single Barrister Book Case.

shen-101.jpg (501414 bytes)   shen-dickinson-4.jpg (479197 bytes)    
                                                       Two Secret compartments with doors.

shen-drawers-2.jpg (362344 bytes)   shen-drawers-4.jpg (509167 bytes)
           All the drawers are Dove-Tailed, this client also wanted Spanish Cedar Drawer Linings in all the drawers.

100_5097.jpg (350883 bytes)   100_5101.jpg (430205 bytes)
          The beauty of natural Solid Cherry with Maple Drawer and Door Fronts will only increase over time.

100_5116.jpg (503637 bytes)   100_5118.jpg (563432 bytes)
                      Spanish Cedar with custom removable dividers add to your storage flexibility

100_5134.jpg (368634 bytes)   100_5162.jpg (565539 bytes)
Large ample space to tie with plenty of storage for materials and reference 

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