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This is a special tribute commemorating 
the contributions of Vince Marinaro and Charlie Fox. 
These are located along the Letort, where it all began.


                                                                            The dedications read:
                                   Vincent C. Marinano
                                                                    December, 1911 - March 2, 1986
                                                           Author, Fly-Tying Innovator, Rod Builder, 
                                                                        Photographer, Sportsman

                                                            "The is an older generation of fisherman,
                                                               to which I belong, who have memories 
                                                        of a special kind of pleasure, not evident today"
                                                                                                 In the Ring of the Rise

                                                     "The Letort is a hard taskmaster and does not treat
                                                              lightly any violation of dry fly technique"
                                                                                                 A modern dry fly code.

Charles K. Fox
                               September 9, 1908 - February 10, 1997
                                  Author, Conservationist, Mentor,
                                      Sportsman, CVTU Founder

                    "A man is the substance of the things he loves.
                           The love of nature was passed on to me 
                                and I in turn am passing it along"
                                                                           Rising Trout
                              "Those who fish here regularly do not 
                           tempt fish to their ruin, they educate them 
                     by their return - fastidious fellows, fastidious fish"
                                               This Wonderful World of Trout 

                                              Dean of the Letort









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