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                                THE SHENANDOAH "EXECUTIVE"
                  FULL SIZE FLY TYING DESK
          with options for Drop-Leaf Extensions and a Fly Storage Drawer

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Hand-Made Solid Cherry, Red Oak or Curly Maple

    Inside Dim:24-1/4"(L)x 23-3/4"(W)x 2-3/4"(DP)          *  DOVE-TAIL  DRAWER  CONSTRUCTION
*  (4) SMALL TOP DRAWERS                                        *  SPOOL  STATION  (27  POSITION)   
    Inside Dim: 8-1/4"(L) x 4-3/4"(W) x 2-3/4"(DP)           *  TOOL  STATION  (50  POSITION) 
*  (6) MEDIUM TOP DRAWERS                                    *  DUBBING, BEAD and ENTOMOLOGY     
    Inside Dim: 8-1/4"(L) x 11-3/8"(W) x 2-3/4"(DP)             STATIONS - (12) Positions 
*  (4) LARGE TOP CENTER DRAWERS                          12 Glass Bottles with Cork Tops for use 
    Inside Dim: 8-1/4"(L) x 15-7/8"(W) x 2-3/4"(DP)             with Entomology (Insect Study), Dubbing
 *  INCLUDES A LEATHER COASTER                            and/or Bead applications
*  ACCOMMODATES "BASE" & "C" Clamp Vises    *  LEFT & RIGHT Hand Models 
*  NAMED, DATED AND SERIAL NUMBERED       *  Leg Glides for Height Adjustment  
                                               *  OVERALL SIZE: 46"(L)  x  30"(W)  x  49"(H) 
                  * OVERALL SIZE WITH DROP-LEAF EXTENSIONS: 82"(L) x 30"(W) x 49"(H)           

Price For Cherry and Red Oak:  $ 4099.99
Price For Curly Maple is upon request: $ 5499.99.
Price For Drop-Leaf Extensions add: $ 500.00
Price For The Center Fly Storage Drawer in 35 Positions: $ 550.00

Price For Felt Lined Drawer Bottoms add: $ 300.00
Price For Leather Lined Drawer Bottoms add: $ 450.00
Price For Spanish Cedar Lined Drawer Bottoms add: $ 450.00
Desk Protectors available in Clear, Smoked or White

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  Large center drawer with 35-Positions for Fly Storage, all with individual labels and removable dividers

   100_5388-1.jpg (189067 bytes)   3shenandoah-11.JPG (100776 bytes)
                                                        Large center drawer with full extension

3shenandoah-15.JPG (100999 bytes)  3shenandoah-20.JPG (105506 bytes)
                                   The pictures show The Shenandoah "Executive" Tying Desk 
                                               in Solid Cherry with our Georgian Cherry Finish.

3shenandoah-22.JPG (120241 bytes)        3shenandoah-23.JPG (112745 bytes)
              As always, The Tool, Spool and Dubbing Stations are included with each Tying Desk.

    3shenandoah-13.JPG (118056 bytes)        3shenandoah-12.JPG (110980 bytes)  
             Optional felt lined drawer bottoms.                                          Completely finished, 
                                                                                                                even the inside of the Drawers

            3shenandoah-4.JPG (79456 bytes)        3shenandoah-14.JPG (104080 bytes)      
                                            Dove-Tail construction with Solid Brass Hardware

   shenandoah-exe-2.jpg (202568 bytes)      shenandoah-exe-4.jpg (213467 bytes)
                                          Pictures show the Shenandoah Executive in Solid Cherry 
          with Maple Drawer Fronts and Shaker Style Legs finished with hand-rubbed linseed oil

        shenandoah-exe-6.jpg (433751 bytes)      shenandoah-exe-7.jpg (280614 bytes)
          Large Custom Center Drawer with a full length pull                   Double-Drawer Option

shenandoah-exe-9.jpg (675459 bytes)      shenandoah-exe-8.jpg (581651 bytes)
      Large work surface with trash receptacle                             Ample room for the tool stations

                              shenandoah-exe-5.jpg (440099 bytes)
                                 A beautiful Full-Size Tying Desk with plenty of room and storage 

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